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May 1, 2020

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By Neta Sage

In accordance with Farrow & Ball, Cooking Apple Green is “an uplifting color … is clean and comforting, not challenging in any way, also it produces a simple haven in which to live.”

This is certainly among those flexible colors that works well in a variety of areas — from kitchens and bathrooms to rooms and rooms that are living. It's also a good choice for an open-concept floor plan, in which you typically want one unifying color that isn't so assertive that it takes over the space that is entire.
Holly Marder Cooking Apple Green imparts a fresh and clean vibe whenever paired with light wood tones and white, like in this charming kitchen. This room is blessed with plenty of natural light, but because Cooking Apple Green is fairly light and has a touch of warming yellow to it, it's a good choice for a room it doesn't get an abundance of day light too. Or make use of it as a backdrop to zestier accent colors, such as for example a bold reddish orange or a watery blue that is vibrant. This sample palette is for those who desire a colorful yet light and soothing space because of its subdued quality, it won't clash or compete with decorative elements that have stronger coloration.Jennifer Ott Design. Some of these three muted hues works well as a main wall color, because of the other two in supporting roles as accent colors.Jennifer Ott Design 2. Stiffkey Blue

Known as for the unusual color of the mud in Stiffkey, a parish along the northern coast of England, this blue has a slight hint of green to it and lots of gray — the latter of which tones down the depth. Stiffkey Blue looks crisp when paired with white, but for added drama you could also pair it with accents of crimson, gold or green. Lighten this hue that is dramatic combining it with plenty of white. It helps, too, if your space is well lit. I like the light blue used as small accents here; it's a nice color that is transitional the dark Stiffkey Blue as well as the much lighter tones of white. Or play the drama up by working in dark wood tones and cool red hues. Don't be afraid to take a chance on a wall that is bold such as this one. But eliminate the guesswork about whether or not you are going to such as the color in your space that is own by large samples of potential colors on poster board or spare pieces of wallboard. You can then move the paint samples around the room and evaluate them at different times of the day, with the differing light conditions. By sampling colors first, you are going to avoid committing to a color before you are certain it is a winner.Jennifer Ott Design Stiffkey Blue is useful with many different hues, including rich reds. But a little bit of Radicchio goes a long way, and so I'd limit it to just one accent wall surface, if not a partial accent wall, but inject plenty of Parma Gray and Stiffkey Blue for a cool, elegant space.Jennifer Ott Design 3. Purbeck Stone

This hybrid that is taupe-gray the warmest of the four selections. This is my go-to hue for homeowners who look for a departure from white or beige, but want their home to be light and basic, with a touch of heat. Purbeck Stone has a bit more life to it than white. It seems fresh and modern while being light and soothing.Designerpaint It's a terrific color that is background livelier hues. It will not compete for attention with any of the bold elements you happen to own into the area.Jennifer Ott Design This pretty, muted palette works well in a bedroom or work place, or actually any space in which you intend to feel relaxed and mellow.Jennifer Ott Design 4. Mole's Breath

One certainly cannot accuse Farrow & Ball of utilizing names that are dull paint colors! This gray that is medium-dark a good little bit of brown, which provides it heat and richness. This is certainly another basic which will work with many different other colors. I love it most readily useful with watery greens and blues or hues that are red-raspberry. Or stick with a palette that is neutral pair it with with other tones of hot gray in addition to white. This is certainly a rather deep hue, therefore if you use it in large doses, be sure to consider the quantity and quality of the light in the space, so the room won't feel gloomy and cavelike. I think this color works best in minimalist spaces that have just a few well-curated elements that are decorative. Otherwise it could begin to look overworked and much too busy. Or simply cut back on the amount of the hue into the area, like playing up the warmth of Mole's Breath by pairing it with a contrasting cool blue so it won't complete with your accessories.Jennifer Ott Design I. If you desire more warmth, include timber tones.